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The clean and smart appearance of a RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM roof will visually enhance and protect your existing conservatory or can be installed as part of your next home improvement project.

Long-term performance to protect your home

Whatever your flat roofing requirement, you can be confident that a RubberBond FleeceBack installation will give you a flat roofing solution that not only looks good, but is proven to last over 50 years.


Throughout the British Isles hundreds of thousands of home owners have chosen to use RubberBond FleeceBack to protect their property. you and your home will benefit from the experience and reputation of RubberBond FleeceBack Approved Contractors to fulfil your flat roofing needs.


RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM is manufactured by the trusted world leaders of roofing systems, Carlisle Syntec, based in the USA. Carlisle has been leading the industry in single-ply manufacturing, research, development and innovation for more than 50 years.


Experience - learning by doing - cannot be manufactured. Make sure your roof system in manufactured by a company that has been around long enough to have learned and grown from past experiences. Their pursuit of manufacturing superior performing waterproofing and technological advancements has culminated in the unique RobberBond FleeceBack EPDM.

Using RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM to protect your home will give you peace of mind for years to come. its ability to mould to design shapes and surfaces make it the perfect choice.

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