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Polyroof 185

Advanced liquid roofing systems in Hertfordshire, North West & Central London

When choosing a GRP system it is essential to make the right product choice. Polyroof are one of the country’s leading producers of cold, liquid applied seamless membranes and have a product range of outstanding quality & application versatility. Phoenix are licensed Polyroof installers, products are only supplied & installed by contractors fully application trained and licensed by Polyroof so as to ensure consistent quality of installation.


All Polyroof systems are supported by comprehensive guarantees of 10, 15 and 20 years depending on substrate and chosen installation specification. As per the enclosed product illustrations Polyroof systems are available for a multitude of applications including: new roofs, roof replacement, overdecking and overlaying. They are completely seamless systems that do not crack or blister and outlast & outperform traditional roofing materials.

Phoenix Advanced roofing systems: 'The new generation'

 Applied to a new plywood deck

 30 year durability rated by the BBA

•  20 year insurance backed guarantee

 Tough, impact resistant finish

 Lead and copper replica finishes available

 BBA-approved anti-slip ideal for balconies  and walkways                

A highly durable and hard-wearing polyester roofing system that is applied to approved quality plywood boards. Ideally suited for new build or refurbishments, where the existing roof is in poor condition and needs to be stripped and replaced.


A cost effective and durable polyester roofing system that can be applied to the existing roof covering or directly to Polyroof approved insulation boards. Suitable for new build or refurbishments, where the existing roof may be retained and rejuvenated.

 Applied to existing roof covering or            approved insulation

 20 year insurance-backed guarantee, subject to specification

 10 year guarantee as standard

 Minimum disruption and surface preparation

 BBA and Factory Mutual (FM) approved

 Polyfinish wearing layer available for regular traffic


A highly flexible polyurethane roofing system that is ideally suited to larger roof refurbishments, where it may be applied to the existing waterproof covering. Elastex is also adept at coating metallic substances such as industrial gutters.

 Applied to existing roof covering or approved insulation

 10, 15 or 20 year guarantees (subject to specification) 25 year guarantee may be available in special circumstances

 BBA approved

 Ideal for coating metal substrates such as gutters

 Highly flexible and resilient

 Suitable for occasional foot traffic

Phoenix offer a range of BBA-approved roofing systems which are ideal for use with photovoltaic cells and, being applied as a liquid, they can seamlessly encapsulate the supports of PV cells to provide a completely watertight detail.


The waterproofing membranes are tough and durable and can easily support the weight of PV cells whilst also being resistant to damage from other trades. Polyroof roofing systems are equally suitable for new build or refurbishments projects and carry guarantees of up to 20 years.

Diagram exhibiting the efficiency of various roofing types Diagram exhibiting the efficiency of various roofing systems Diagram exhibiting the efficiency of various roofing systems Lead and copper plywood deck roof Polyfinish roof polyurethane roof sheeting




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